Artist statement

Hi, I am Gunilla Klemendz, the artist.

I move at the border between reality and fantasy in my art, using strong colours typical of the Swedish region of Skane. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an interest in drawing and painting. This interest has grown into a deep passion for sculpturing and I’ve been working with stoneware for the last 20 years. I like to experiment and mix materials and I sometimes use metal in my pieces. The creative process fills me with true happiness, something that I hope is reflected in my art.

I find inspiration by studying people in different situations, often during long walks by the Baltic Sea. Meeting people who have made an impression on me often intertwines with my art in one way or the other.  Nature is also very important in my art.  A key element in many of my pieces are leaves of some kind, and I like to imagine things that might be hidden underneath. It could be a special feeling or an occasion. I never calculate in advance. I just let the feelings and colors lead me in the creative moment. It is like a meditative state of mind. 

Right now I am working on a sculpture of a boy, which is decorated with many  leaves”